Camping is available on Friday and Saturday night (September 21st and 22nd).

Important: Camping will now be located in the Cursus field adjacent to the central Henge. We regret that camping is not permitted around the outer perimiter of the Henge as the long grass in this area (essential for winter feed for livestock) cannot be walked through or disturbed.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Stalls will still be located inside the Central Henges as will the main ritual and other events.

There is no need to book a place just turn up and find yourself a suitable pitch.


Important: Drive slowly at all times as children may be playing in any part of the site.


The entire cost of providing the campsite is met by voluntary donations from campers.

We recommed a minimum donation of £3 per adult per night to cover essential costs.

Any surplus collected on the camp site will be donated to a good cause.

Thank you for your support.


Important: Please do not walk or allow children to play (or dogs to go) on any part of the Henge that is suffering from soil erosion.

Do not remove gorse from the Henge for fires or for any other purpose.


Please be aware that excessive late-night noise may disturb other people on the campsite as well as nearby local residents.

Please act with the upmost consideration for other people at all times.


Dogs are welcome on the campsite but must be kept under control at all times.


Important: All fires in the camping area must be completely contained and kept off the ground (i.e. using a fire pan or brazier).

There will be large communal fire in a field directly adjacent to the central Henge on the Friday and Saturday nights.

Water and Toilets

There will be toilets (including one disabled) and a drinking water supply on the camp site.

Camping Vehicles

Campervans, caravans and motor-homes are also welcome on the campsite.


Important: Campers are required to take all their own rubbish home with them. Please ensure that you bring with you sufficient refuse sacks for this purpose.

When you leave the camp site do not leave anything behind whatsoever (including broken camping equipment, disposable barbecues etc).

Thank you for your cooperation.

Celebrate Autumn Equinox at Thornborough Henge - Saturday 22nd September 2012